From The Neighborhood – Flatlands, Brownsville

Meet a great neighbor from Brooklyn, Ruth Fleury, that’s full of surprises as she shares her story on being a student in life. Our families were neighbors on the island of Hispanola. Two Brooklynites with parental origins of Haiti and the Dominican Republic have fun with a little language, exposing her story of life from her childhood influences, young adult circumstances to discovering a passion beyond the classroom whether it was as a student or later on as a teacher. Having learned so much from some many young minds, she is now an author of a children’s book that we too could learn from as parents. Understand how unique every child is and a way to approach with those labeled as too hyper. Is it the child or is it me? Check out her story that has led to creating Rio’s story to tell parents and children everywhere.

Ruth Fleury @sotpublishing

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